Genesis Origins

by Joe Vermeulen

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Journey back to where it all began. The beginning. Our Origins. From the Garden of Eden, the fall, the flood to the tower of Babel.
The 'Genesis - Origins' CD contains 10 original songs covering Genesis 1-11. The songs reflect in music the awe, drama and majesty of the history of our origins as told in the Bible.


released May 22, 2018


all rights reserved



Joe Vermeulen Perth, Australia

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Track Name: In The Beginning
In the beginning God created
The heavens and the earth
It was formless and void
And darkness covered it
Above the waters of the deep
God’s Spirit began to move
And then God said

Let there be light
And there was light
God saw it was good
The light of day, the dark of night
And just as He said
So it was made
This was the first day

Then God spoke into the waters
Separating it low and high
And in the middle of it all
An expanse that He called sky
There was evening; there was morning
Now completing the second day
And then God said

Let waters flow
In one place gather
Dry ground appear
With plants and trees be covered
God saw it was good
The things that He had mad
And it was the third day

God spoke the sun shining bright
Filling the earth with light
He spoke the stars and the moon
To govern the sky by night
It was vast, it was good
The fourth day now complete
And then God said

Waters alive
With living creatures
Birds in the sky
All across the planet
Each after their kind
Increase in numbers
And it was the fifth day

Then God spoke unto the earth
To birth by His command
All the creatures great and small
That would move upon the land
So was formed each to their kind
All the animals tame and wild
And then God said

Let us make man in our image
Bearing the likeness of God
Created for blessing and purpose
The man and the woman He made
And it was the sixth day

In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with God
Track Name: Adam's Song
First breath breathing life
First time I’d open my eyes
I see such beauty set before me

Sunlight dancing through the trees
Up I look blue I see
The skies stretching out above me

Awe and wonder fills my heart
I can feel a gentle breeze
I hear a voice call to me
My name, I’m sure that’s my name
Adam - from the ground I came

Then I looked into my Father’s eyes
“So very good” He said of my life
But oh most precious would I find
The moment that He smiled at me
And He said; “My son”

In the garden full of life
Rivers splashing streams alive
Crabs and fish
I’ll call you hippopotamus

Birds are fluttering around
Singing with a chirping sound
Up high
I’m calling you an eagle

Awe and wonder fills my heart
Joy to see the world alive
Pairs of creatures roam around
But where is the one for me
Longing where is she?

Then I looked into my Father’s eyes
And I knew all would be alright
Willingly the deepest sleep
I give a little part of me
So I could see my Eve

The moment comes this is right
I stand here waiting for my bride
Here she comes oh what a sight
Walking by the Father’s side
Then I take her hands in mine

And we look into our Father’s eyes
He declares we are husband and wife
From the start this was on God’s heart
A man and woman forms their bond of love
As two become one
Track Name: The Fall
God created all things perfect
He made everything good
He understood what was needed
To make a world and complete it
That’s when He thought of you

In His image He made Adam
Placed inside him every person contained
In his loins
Carried the seed of the nations
Adam’s descendants

But he couldn’t conceive, so God made another
One with a womb, Eve would be mother
Of every soul to ever walk the earth
She’d be the first one to give birth

In the garden came another
Fallen angel as a serpent he speaks
To the woman
Trading a lie for a kingdom
Earthly dominion

There stood Adam by the woman
Saying nothing also buying the lie
Eats fruit forbidden
Innocence lost, eyes wide open
Offspring now broken

So they both hid away, shameful and naked
Shying away from the call of the Maker
Freely they had chosen the sting of death
The grave open’d wide – in sin they would die

But God intervened made a sacrifice
An animal slain - the first to die
With the shedding of blood
For the sake of man
Their nakedness clothed by leathery robes

Tears on their face raining down
Life in God’s garden now gone
Creation starts groaning in pain
It’s beauty and splendour slips away

Hear the prophets through the ages
Always looking to the Saviour who’d come crush the serpent
Lifting the curse from creation
Bringing redemption

In the fullness of time
Came this sign
God would be born through a woman
Spirit conceived in a virgin
Reclaiming His kingdom

The light of the world
Invading the darkness
Breaking our chains
He’s freeing the hopeless
He’s binding up the wounds of our broken hearts
Jesus had come
God’s only Son

Giving His life as a sacrifice
Embracing the cross He pays the cost
Defeating death He rose up from the grave
So we can be clothed In heavenly robes
Track Name: Cain & Abel
Cain came from Eve
Being one of many children
Working his land – His crops and his vineyard
Close to his brother
Abel the younger
A tender of sheep
From the flocks he had gathered

They both worshipped the Lord
With the portions they would bring
Cain brought fruit from the land
His choice for an offering
But Abel knew the cost
Slays a firstborn from his flock
So found favour with God
But his brother did not

Down cast
Cain was down cast
Angry at the Lord
Offended and sore
He became down cast
God speaks
Cain hears God speak
Just do what is right
So bring me delight
But at your door lies sin
Refuse to let it in

Cain called his brother
Let us walk together
Follow me into the field
There’s so much to be seen
But there he struck him down
Abel’s blood stained the ground
Now there’s blood on his hands
Cain has slain another man

A growing darkness in his heart
Tries to hide it from the Lord
No repentance – just pretence
Sinking deeper into sin
Then it came – the dreaded question
Deep to his conscience
How could he answer
“Where is Abel your brother!?”

Down cast
Angry and down cast
"I don’t know" he would answer
"Am I my brother’s keeper?!"
So angry and down cast
God speaks – painfully God speaks
"What is this you’ve done?
His blood cries from the ground
Now you will be cursed
A restless wanderer"

Driven from the ground
Wandering around
He does not want to be found
Lost in the ways of sin
Far from the Lord
And so fearful of men

A growing family
Would their eyes not see
How blinding pride can be
And even to this day
People run from God
Choose to follow their own ways
But still God speaks
Track Name: By Design
A sleepy Monday morning
Sunshine on my bed
Slowly I start waking
The first thing that I said
It has to be
Creation by design

I look outside my window
Clouds passing by
A blue and white tapestry
That race across the sky
I have to say
A beautiful design

Oh what do I see
A beautiful world all around me
Engineering to its core
It speaks of something more

The welcome smell of coffee
Drifting through the air
Beckons me to start the day
And push aside my cares
Aroma therapy
Pleasantly designed

A bowl of fruit for breakfast
A rainbow I can eat
Colours bright and beautiful
Wholesome and sweet
Tasty by design

Oh what do I see
A beautiful world all around me
Engineering to its core
It speaks of something more

Laughing, dancing, celebrating
Sing your songs of joy
Making memories
Missing family
Leaving a legacy
It’s more than just design

Oh what do I see
A beautiful world all around me
Engineering to its core
It speaks of something more
Track Name: Noah
Humanity now fills the earth
With daughters given them in birth
Sons of God came down
Took for themselves daughters from man
These are they who disobey
Not keeping to the place God gave
Inflicting hybrid pain
And so was born, the Nephilim

The Lord did see the human race
Makes the earth a wicked place
Their every thought and deed
Evil bent exceedingly
The heart of God floods with pain
Now regrets the man He’d made
And so the Lord did weep
And judge the earth with waters deep

Noah was a righteous man
Blameless in his day
Walked with God so faithfully
His righteousness proclaim
By faith he saw the things to come
And so in holy fear
Would build an ark the world to save
While people mocked and jeered
The flood was drawing near

A wicked generation
Fills the earth with violence
Corrupting all their ways
Destructive in their sin and their shame
And so did God his judgement speak
A flood would come the world to sweep
Destroying all of life
Everything with breath would die

With you I make a covenant
You, your sons and wives
Into the ark you’ll enter in
A shelter to survive
Every creature I will bring
Two of every kind
Male, female, wild and tame
In the ark be kept alive
This flood you will survive

So build the ark
Gofer wood
Three levels high
Make rooms in it
Use pitch to coat
Inside and out
A roof with openings 'roundabout

Three hundred cubits long
Fifty cubits wide
Thirty cubits high
A single door on its side
My judgement you’ll survive

You will survive, righteous Noah
Finding grace in my eyes
I’ll keep you alive
This flood you will survive
Track Name: The Flood
So God Speaks…

Righteous Noah – it is time
Board the ark so – you’ll survive
Final moments – now have come
Seven days are – counting down
I have measured – set aside
40 days – and 40 nights
From the heavens – rain will pour
Till all breathing creatures are no more

Noah listened – called his sons
Bring your mother – bring your wives
Let us shelter – on the ark
Escape the waters – of the flood
Then they marvel – a miracle
God now brings – the chosen animals
Two by two they come – male and female
According to their kind; as God provides


Fear and trembling – shock and awe
As the Lord now – shuts the door
A growing rumble – from on high
Terror forming – in the sky
Then the shaking – a mighty roar
From the deep – waters bursting forth
Flood gates open – from the heavens
Rain keeps pouring down and floods the ground

Raining and raining
Waters come pouring
40 days and nights
The flood keeps on coming
Higher and higher
The ark keeps on rising
(Ooh) a deluge of rain
Flooding the whole earth

Still increasing – more and more
Waters rising – over the earth
Every dry land – under water
Every mountain – now submerged
So did perish – every creature
Every one who breathed the breath of life
No more people – beast of birds
Only in the ark – did they survive
Track Name: Remember
Afloat on the waters – day after day
Glad for the sunshine – after the rain
Hearing the splashing – feeling the motion
Adrift in the ark – the world is an ocean

The memory of dry land
Now seems so distant
Hard to believe – the world be so different
But here on the ark – our family survives
Trusting tomorrow – the Lord will provide again

Our hope is in the Lord
That He will save like before

‘Cause You
You made the moon and stars
You told me to build this ark
So we are saved
Your marvellous deeds
Your marvellous grace
Remember your servants here
The animals placed in our care
(Please) hasten the day
Lord make a way
That we might see dry land again

Our home is a refuge – by God’s design
Rooms filled with creatures – on every side
Our days filled with feeding – scrubbing and cleaning
Amazed at them all – the small to the tall

At night time the wonder – the dark comes alive
Billions of stars – alight in the sky
The sea like a mirror – a glittering dance
Reflecting the glory – of heaven’s expanse

Our hope is in the Lord
That He will save like before

‘Cause You
You made the moon and stars
You told me to build this ark
So we are saved
Your marvellous deeds
Your marvellous grace

Remember your servants here
The animals placed in our care
Hasten the day
Lord make a way
That we might see dry land

A shift in the wind
A move on the bow
Water receding
A thud from below
Mountains appearing
Waters are clearing
Joy in the air
Our freedom is near

You remembered
Placing your bow in the sky
A covenant ring on high
The rainbow You gave
Never again flooding the earth
By your mercy
Now we can start again
Increasing and bearing new life
Commanded to go – fill all the world
And live for Your glory again
Track Name: Babel
Carved by the flood – mountains and valleys
Vast plains below – we build a brand new home
Time flows along – children were born
From Noah’s sons – unfolding generations

One common tongue – only one language
God’s clear command – to spread to all the lands
But No – we won’t go – we can do things better
Our destiny our own – we choose to stay together

Strong with brick and mortar
Build ourselves a fortress
A city on the plains of Shinar
A high and mighty tower
Reaching to the heavens
Making a name for ourselves
We care for nothing else

Working out our plans – with strength in our hands
This tower shouts our fame – How great is our name!
Look what we have done – see what we can do
Anything we choose – all we set our minds to

But high above this tower
From the highest heavens
The Lord now descends upon their fame
Tweaking prideful speaking
Confusing boastful talking
Languages be born from this place
From Babel now displaced

So groups of people travelled
Over the horizon
Looking for a place to make their home
And all throughout the ages
Over history’s pages
The story of the ark and flood still dwells
As ancient cultures tells
Track Name: Sing His Glory
1. From the rising of the sun
To where it sets the Lord be praised
Ev’ry tribe and tongue
Sing to God a brand new song

Ev’ry nation praise
Make Him great
Bless his holy Name
Oh come and bless his Name

All the people ‘round the world
Join in song to praise the One
Who made us all

Lord we praise You for the rains
For sunny days - as seasons change
Thank You - every breath we breathe
Is life You give - so good and free
For your blessings great and small
We thank You Lord

2. All the flavours ‘round the world
Aroma, spice, the sights and sounds
Colours on display
As cultures bloom in their own way

Music, poetry - across the lands - from every ocean shore
Oh - let your voices roar

All the biomes round the world
Climate and nature makes a home
To live and grow

Endless beauty on display
From grassy plains - to mountain range

Desert colours in the sands
Our island shores - our jungle lands
Rivers flow into the sea
The golden sands where waves roll in

Awestruck - look up at the sky
The stars at night - how small am I?
All creation sings your praise
Through every age

See his glory - it tells the story
Behold your Maker - God! Creator!
From every distance - our eyes can listen
With all creation - come join the chorus

We see your glory - we sing your story
You our Maker - our God creator
From every distance - our eyes will listen
With all creation - we join the chorus (Ps 19:1-4)

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